Waste Reduction

In an effort to reduce waste created at work some tips are listed below to help you develop some waste prevention guidelines and save some money at the same time. Begin by examining where waste comes from at work and then look for ways to improve efficiency and to reduce waste.

  1. Re-use all waste that can be re-used until it is no longer possible to use, then dispose of it properly or recycle it if possible.
  2. Create guidelines for proper use of electricity, water and fuel. Consider not leaving your PC on standby all day; bear in mind the amount of energy it will waste.
  3. Have various equipment maintenance inspections in an effort to keep the machines working longer.
  4. Do not over order materials and stationery and make sure only what is needed is ordered. Check how the materials are handled and stored to avoid throwing away damaged or spoiled materials.
  5. You would want to consider repairing rather than replacing broken equipment. Before you purchase any equipment make sure you check whether repair parts for that specific equipment are available.
  6. Analyze product designs and service processes and check if the design or process could use less raw materials and paper work.
  7. Consider using a purchasing guideline to include only materials that are durable, re-usable, and high quality.
  8. Route memos and letters instead of distributing individual copies.
  9. Make scratch pads from used paper and also try buying company mugs instead of using disposable ones.