A Billion Acts of Green:

Reduce, reuse and recycle as we reduce overdraft on nature by reusing tires and reducing garbage landfill to create a children's play-ground.

As part of Billion Acts of Green Earth Day theme, Atlantic Bank Ltd, in collaboration with Institute for Sustainability of Community and Environment (IN.S.C.E) and local artisan Alvaro Dominguez, from Corozal, partnered in an initiative to help reduce the overdraft on nature and also reduce garbage through the reuse of vehicular tires. These tires were used to create a playground comprised of local wildlife forms such as the national animal of Belize, the Tapir, the charismatic Jaguar, the feared Crocodile, the endangered Manatee, the impressive Jabiru Bird and the Agouti.

Go Green Project

The playground was created for approximately 175 students of the Chan Chen Government Primary School in Chan Chen Village in the Corozal District. Mr. Carlos Itzab, principal at the school, stated that the children love to play at the playground and are particularly fond of their national animal, the Tapir, and the majestic Jaguar.

Go Green Project

Atlantic Bank also planted trees at the Chan Chen Government Primary School to further enhance the school grounds and contribute towards Billion Acts of Green.

Go Green Project



Mr. Alvaro, a local artisan from the Corozal District, has been creating art since he was a child. As a primary school dropout, he found himself working as a boat builder from an early age. As a youth he was involved in an altercation that resulted in him being placed in a correctional institution. He was still able to use his skills and most fortunately sharpened his art skills as he was offered to attend an art program for two years. This formal training with renowned art teachers inspired him to be as creative as he can be.  

Go Green Project

He has used recycled paper to create historic building replicas and other art forms. He also uses wood, fiber glass and a variety of other materials to create amazing sculptures that can be seen in natural settings like Jaguars at the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and an eight foot Booby Bird at Half Moon Caye Natural Monument. In creating the recycled tire playground he felt that he was contributing to not only the school but also showing people that what is considered garbage can be repurposed to create something useful.




Atlantic Bank Ltd. in collaboration with IN.S.C.E. also commissioned 1,000 Go Green Bags. These bags were hand sewn by women from the Northern Districts. These beautiful bags were sewn using natural fabrics and are a great way to reduce the use of plastic bags. As an added benefit, this project was able to provide these women with an additional source of income from which they could fund other income generating projects and also advance their children's well being. These bags were distributed to our customers who signed up for paperless banking products, such as GoMobile, Atlantic Online and the Visa Debit Card.

Atlantic Bank Ltd. encourages everyone to take a simple action towards the Billion Acts of Green. Your contribution can be at home, work, or the community by starting to reduce, reuse and recycle materials and resources such as paper, wood, electricity, water, etc.

Join us in celebrating the 46th anniversary of Earth Day and Atlantic Bank's 45th anniversary by helping to reduce the overdraft on nature. There are simple things we can all do such as using reusable bags, planting gardens and repurposing items.

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