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When it comes to your finances, peace of mind is invaluable. We need to be confident that our financial transactions are safe and secure. With Atlantic Bank Chip and Contactless Cards, you have just that! Whether you pay by using your chip or by tapping your card, pay your way securely when you shop, travel and dine, wherever the logo is displayed.


Card Overview

Chip and Contactless at work

Chip technology is an evolution in our payment system that increases card security and reduces fraud. The chip generates a unique, one-time code every time a transaction is performed. If the transaction were to be intercepted by a fraudster trying to obtain your information, it would be useless.


Changes with the new Chip and Contactless cards

  • You will receive a new PIN and debit/credit card number. With this in mind please ensure to update your card information on all your subscriptions, i.e Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. to avoid disruption in service.
  • The life of your card is now 4 years.


How to perform your transactions

Chip transactions


What you should know about chip transactions:

  • At any chip-enabled terminal, you will be prompted to insert your card.
  • You will be required to sign your receipt after each transaction.
  • Your new Chip and Contactless debit and credit card can only be swiped at a terminal that is not chip-enabled.


Contactless transactions


What you should know about contactless transactions:

  • Contactless transactions are for small on the go transactions.
  • Purchase limit will vary depending on the POS terminal.
  • You can perform a contactless transaction anywhere you see the contactless indicator .
  • The contactless feature is available for your convenience, however, you can opt to perform all your transactions by performing a chip transaction.
  • Depending on the bank’s POS you may be required to sign the receipt.
  • Contactless transactions offer the same security of a chip transaction.


Where to use your Chip and Contactless Card


Remember you can also use your Chip and Contactless card at ATMs, wherever the logo is displayed.


Benefits of Chip and Contactless:



Take advantage of these benefits as well as the other powerful features of our debit and credit cards.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Select a topic below to get started. You can also visit our Customer Service at your nearest branch or chat us via our Live Chat.


About chip technology

What is a Chip and Contactless Card?
Your Atlantic Bank Chip and Contactless card is a credit or debit card containing an embedded chip that generates a unique security code each time you perform a transaction. The generated code ensures your transactions are secure and your information is protected, making it virtually impossible to copy or counterfeit. The contactless feature on this chip card adds convenience and speed to your purchases by allowing you to simply tap your card anywhere the Contactless symbol is displayed.

Why am I getting a new card?
Atlantic Bank is migrating all current magnetic stripe cards to Chip and Contactless cards so as to provide all customers with the most secure payment option.

What does the mean?
The Contactless Indicator means that your card is a contactless card and can be used by tapping it against a contactless-enabled terminal. It is also displayed on signage found at businesses, indicating you can perform contactless transactions there.

What does the mean?
The contactless symbol shows where to tap your chip and contactless card on the POS terminal.

What is a contactless transaction?
Contactless transactions are done when you tap your Atlantic Bank card against the contactless enabled terminal. These payments use short-range wireless technology to securely complete payments between your contactless card and a contactless enabled checkout terminal.

Which products have chip technology?
This technology is available on all of Atlantic Bank's Visa debit and credit cards.

Will Atlantic Bank charge customers to replace their current magnetic stripe cards with Chip and Contactless cards?
No, Atlantic Bank will upgrade all customer's debit and credit cards at no cost for the initial implementation of Chip and Contactless cards.

What are the immediate benefits of my Chip and Contactless Card?
You will be able to enjoy improved security with your new card. Your card information is stored in the chip, making extraction of valuable information by fraudsters virtually impossible. This innovative technology can reduce the chances of your card being cloned and used for fraudulent transactions.
The contactless feature on these cards is easy to use and reduces transaction time.


About your new chip card

I have other credit card(s) with Atlantic Bank. Will these cards be replaced with the Chip and Contactless Card as well?
Yes, we will be progressively replacing all magnetic strip cards with Chip and Contactless cards.

When can I start using the replacement card?
You can start using your replacement card at the end of the day.

What should I do with my current card?
Upon receipt of your replacement card, please dispose of your current card by cutting it in half.

Is it safe to give merchants my PIN details?
No, you should never share your PIN with anyone, including the merchant.

Will anything change during my online purchases?
No, you will use your chip and contactless card for online purchases by following the same process you do today.

What is my contactless limit?
The transaction limit for contactless payments varies depending on which bank's terminal is being used.

If the chip on the card is damaged and cannot be read, can I swipe my card?
No, if your Chip and Contactless card is not working, your magnetic stripe feature will not work on a chip enabled terminal. Please visit your nearest branch to have your card replaced.

Can I change the limit per transaction for my contactless transactions?
No, the limit cannot be changed for your contactless transactions.

How will purchases appear on my monthly statement?
Chip and Contactless transactions will be displayed on your statement as per usual.

Are there any changes to my statement and due date?
No, your existing statement and due date remains the same.

Do I need to use a PIN for purchases with my Atlantic Bank Chip and Contactless Cards?
No, in most cases, you'll be required to sign. For contactless transactions involving relatively small purchase amounts you may not be required to sign.

What happens if I swipe my Chip and Contactless Card in a chip-enabled terminal?
If the terminal is chip enabled, you will be prompted to insert your card.

Can I use the Chip and Contactless Card overseas?
All international credit cards may be used wherever the Visa logo is displayed. Local credit and debit cards may only be used in Belize. Your card will indicate "ONLY VALID IN BELIZE" below the account holder name if it is a local card.

Can I use my card for online purchases or at ATMs?
Yes, your new card functions the same way as your present card for both online purchases and ATMs. Your 4-digit PIN will be required at the ATM.


Using your chip card

How do I use the ATM?
At an ATM, start the transaction as you normally would and follow the prompts. Depending on the type of ATM, your experience may differ slightly. For Atlantic Bank ATMs, insert and remove your card, the ATM will then ask that you reinsert your card and leave it in until your transaction is completed.

How do I pay with my new card using the contactless feature?
To make a payment using your Atlantic Bank Chip and Contactless Card the merchant will initiate the payment by entering the cost of the transaction, next tap the card on the contactless-enabled terminal, the machine will beep to confirm that your transaction was successful.

If the terminal cannot read chip or contactless cards, can I still use my card?
Yes, if the terminal is not yet chip or contactless-enabled your card can be swiped.

I made a transaction within the contactless transaction limit, why did it fail?
There may be many reasons as to why your transaction failed, including but not limited to:

  • The terminal is not a contactless enabled terminal
  • There was a compatibility error


Card Security

Are Chip and Contactless Cards safe?
Yes. Chip and Contactless cards are safe for a number of reasons:

  • Each transaction is accompanied by a one-time code that securely protects your payment information.
  • Cardholders cannot pay accidentally. Your card must be within 4 cm of the contactless enabled terminal for the transaction to occur. Contactless cards are designed so that merely walking by or standing near a contactless enabled terminal with a contactless card in one's wallet will not result in the card being charged.

Could I accidentally pay for someone else's purchase?
No. The card needs to be at least 4 cm away from the terminal for the card to be read. Also, the merchant must enter the transaction amount first and then you can tap your card to complete the transaction. Even if you accidentally tap twice, you won't be billed twice.

What do I do if my Chip and Contactless Card has been lost or stolen?
If your International credit card is lost or stolen immediately contact the Visa Assistance Center. While in the USA or Canada call 1-800-847-2911, when outside of the USA, call collect: (303) 967-1096.

To report a lost or stolen debit or local credit card call 223- 4123.