Start home improvements, purchase home appliances or take a vacation today! We can make it happen for you. Our financing solutions help you get closer to your goal.

Recommended for:

 Purchase of Personal Items
 Education Expenses
 Purchase of New and Used Vehicles
 Medical Expenses
 Home Improvement/Repairs
 Loan Refinancing/Consolidation

Opening of Account/Service:

 Visit any of our branches to see or make an appointment with a Credit Officer.

Product Features and Benefits:

 Minimum amount of loan $3,000.00
 Term of loans: 12 months 60 months
 Competitive Interest Rates
 Debt Balance Insurance Coverage on borrower and guarantor is payable for loans for up to 36 months.
 Group Temporal Insurance Coverage payable yearly for loans exceeding 36 months
 Qualify for interest rebate when loan is paid off in advance with own funds.
 Refinancing or consolidation of loan with additional funds and convenient terms of payment
 Refinance anytime after existing loan balance is less than 50% of the original amount.

Requirements for Services:

 Valid ID, either Social Security Card or Passport
 Be between the ages of 18 years and 65 years
 Gainfully employed for 12 months or show evidence of self employment
 Earn a minimum of $1,500.00 monthly
 Submit Letter of Employment stating years of service and annual income.
 Monthly Budget of Income and Expenses
 Personal Financial Statement
 Furnish a Salary Assignment
 Copy of current Utility Bill
 Bank and Personal References
 May apply for joint loan and combine salaries to meet established criteria
 Collateral varies depending on Loan Purpose, Credit History, Amount and Repayment Capacity of customer.
  They include: Personal Guarantees, Bills of Sale, Mortgage, and Time Deposit

Value Added Products:

 Free Personal Online Banking
 Free Debit Card