When shopping for comprehensive insurance for your employees, offices, or vehicles, there is much more to consider than how much coverage will cost. Let us help you find the right type of policy and adequate coverage for your company.

Explore your insurance options with our affiliate, Atlantic Insurance:

Fire and Allied Perils Insurance
Motor Vehicle Insurance
Life Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
Miscellaneous Insurance

Fire and Allied Perils Insurance:

Protect company assets and investments, including office buildings, stock, contents, and equipment with Fire and Allied Perils Insurance from Atlantic Insurance:

The policy covers compensation for loss or damage caused by:

 Fire and Lightning
 Riot and Strike
 Malicious Damage
 Fallen Aircraft
 Hurricane and Storms

Additional coverage for:
 Road Impact
 Burst Pipes

Motor Vehicle Insurance:

Need flexible coverage to protect company vehicles and to provide security from other road liabilities? Protect company vehicles and occupants with Motor Vehicle Insurance from Atlantic Insurance.
Choose from several Motor Vehicle Insurance options including short-term or one-year coverage against third-party liabilities, or comprehensive liabilities.

Third Party Act – Receive compensation for public road traffic accidents causing bodily injury, death, medical expense incurred, and vehicular damage. 

 Maximum Liability Limits as stipulated in the Laws of Belize.
 BZ$20,000.00 for property damage as a consequence of any one accident.
 BZ$50,000.00 for bodily injury or death for any one claim by a person.
 BZ$200,000.00 for bodily injury or death for all claims from one accident
 (Note: provides compensation for surviving dependents).
 No deductibles.

Third Party Standard – Receive compensation for vehicular accidents on both public and private roads.

 Standard Maximum Liability Limits.
 BZ$250,000.00 for property damage for any one claim or series of claims because of an accident.
 BZ$1,000,000.00 for bodily injury or death for any one claim or series of claims cause by an accident (Note: some
 exceptions apply).
  No deductibles.

Comprehensive Motor Vehicle – Secures financial vehicular losses against road accidents and unexpected crisis as theft, riot, strike, and flood and liability to third parties.

Comprehensive – with Hurricane deals with like indemnities for comprehensive, inclusive of incidences of tragedy as a result of natural causes.

 Inspection of vehicle having a maximum age of 10 years.
 Bill of sale and/or customs entry.

Minimum sum insured:
 $10,000.00 for 4 cylinders.
 $15,000.00 for 6 and 8 cylinders.
 Deductibles are applicable

Additional Option to Motor Vehicle Insurance:
A one-year life insurance can be added for named persons as a driver and/or passengers, depending on seating capacity of the insured vehicle. Life policy covers death, whereas passenger liability compensates for death, bodily injury and medical expenses for travelers in the vehicle. Maximum Liability Limit - $15,000.00 per person.

Life Insurance:

Offer your employees comprehensive Life Insurance from Atlantic Insurance. We’ll help you choose customized individual and collective life plan selections for your employees between 15-60 years of age.

Your options include:
 Ordinary Life
 Term Ordinary Life
 Endowment Plan
 Education Plan
 Funeral Plan
 Cancer Plan
 Temporal Life (Term)
 Mortgage Cancellation
 Collective Life Insurance

Your benefits vary according to chosen option.

Personal Accident Insurance:

Prepare yourself for the unexpected! Be responsible and protect yourself, your family and employees in the event of accidental death with options for serious or fatal injury, or medical expenses incurred.

 Coverage provided for:
 Accidental Death
 Permanent Incapacitation
 Temporary Incapacitation
 Medical Expenses

Miscellaneous Insurance:

Coverage tailored to meet your specific insurance needs. Additional insurance coverage also provided for:
 Travel Insurance
 Marine Cargo Insurance
 Public Liability Insurance
 Employer’s Liability Insurance
 Loss of Income Insurance
 Theft Insurance
 Aviation Insurance
 Bond Insurance

All your claims shall be handled promptly and efficiently through our insurers, Atlantic Insurance Company Limited.